Month: August 2019

Get A Date Through Texting

For men or women who are texting girls and hoping for a date, you must show that you are serious about meeting her in person. But you need to always remember to not being too aggressive. An initiative to invite her out on a date is fine. However, don’t let you look too aggressive. If you just got the WhatsApp number, start by chatting and texting for several weeks before setting up a date. After you have started to get familiar with her, invite her to a date. Remember, men and women are equally afraid that someone of the opposite sex is too aggressive to ask them out on a date. Stay cool and just live as is without the need to rush.

Choosing a place to walk with a crush turns out to affect your crush interest to accept your invitation. If you plan to invite your crush to date, find out the places that interest her. If she likes sports, just ask to exercise together or seeing a match. Meanwhile, if she likes culinary, invite to try new eating places, guaranteed she will immediately be enthusiastic. Therefore, before inviting a date you need to make observations first. Ask hobbies and things that she likes so you can consider the right place to invite her to a date.

In this stage, you need to be more sensitive. You can feel the interest in her only through the sound or words that she sent while texting. You must be a more sensitive person. If she shows signs of wanting to hang out with you, dare to ask for a date. Your crush will like someone more sensitive. If you feel that she is showing signals to date with you, don’t waste the opportunity. However, if she is not interested in meeting you after you try the ways above, then it’s time to move on to find a new crush. In addition to persistent effort, your success in getting her to date also depends on luck. So, good luck!