4 Ways To Rising Up After Losing A Loved One

When the closest person dies, we will surely feel tremendous sadness — even if it’s severe can lead to depression. According to a psychologist losing the closest person can indeed have a considerable psychological impact. Psychologically, feeling sad when the people closest to us die is a very human thing. So it’s only natural if someone becomes depressed, doesn’t talk much, and is lazy to move. However, this starts to become a problem if it lasts too long and protracted. If slumped too long in sadness, a person’s mental health can be disrupted. Someone who can not overcome the grief will be even worse in sadness. It gets worse if the deaths it faces are successive. To deal with this difficult situation, the person must immediately consult and speak to an expert in counselling North London.

Worse, if you have reached the stage of depression, it is very difficult to restore the condition of his soul as before. One characteristic of people who have reached the stage of depression is not having the zest for life. His social life is also a mess. It is also possible that he tried to kill himself for the ‘overtake’ of the person he loved. He can recover if there is a will of himself. You can’t help other people.

If by chance we have just been left by the closest person, try the following four ways so that the sadness doesn’t drag on:

1. Cry to your heart’s content
Holding back tears with the intention of looking steadfast will have a negative impact on our psychological condition. It’s better to vent your sadness by sobbing until you feel relieved.

2. Stop blaming
Stop looking for scapegoats for the death of those closest to you. By continually blaming, the sadness of the mourning event will not disappear and make it unable to move on.

3. Open
Often people who feel lost have closed themselves and do not want to receive the support of friends or family. They felt that no one could understand the feelings of grief at that time. This closed nature cannot be left for too long. If you want someone to understand your grief, it’s better to find a friend who has experienced the same sadness.

4. Looking for entertainment
Reading books, watching television, or going out for a walk with friends can help us be free from grief.

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