These Tips Can Help You Prevent Kitchen Fire

Fire happens in the kitchen often. Frying pans left on a burning stove and is the most common cause of fire in the kitchen. Fires in the kitchen are not only the main cause of house fires, but most injuries also occur when victims try to extinguish the fires themselves. Furthermore, the damage caused by the fire can be severe, so some people tend to hire the best fire, smoke, and first call restoration crew in their city.

However, you don’t need to be worried, because here are some tips to prevent kitchen fires for the safety of your family and home:

Stay in the kitchen

The most common fires are due to food being left on the stove burning unattended. Don’t leave the kitchen when you cook.

If you have to leave the kitchen, turn off the stove and lift the pot or pan. This is just as important if you cook in the oven; remove food from the oven then turn it off.

Watch the clothes

Long-sleeved and too long clothes, including aprons, can catch fire. When cooking, it’s better to wear short-sleeved clothes or if forced to wear loose clothes, use aprons and tie tightly.

Look out for items around the stove

Wipes, oven mitts, even kitchen curtains can easily burn if placed near a hot stove. Always keep flammable items away from the stove.

And, be careful using a cloth or gloves when moving the pan from the stove. Ideally, use oven gloves, but if you use a rag, be sure not to dangle down and touch the stove.

Place a fire extinguisher

In case you experience a fire, a special fire extinguisher at home can save you a lot of things compared to not having one. Place a small fire extinguisher in or near the kitchen. Once you have it, make sure you really know how to use it.

Replace the smoke detector battery in the kitchen

If you have a smoke detector in the kitchen or in a room next to the kitchen, don’t forget to regularly replace the battery. Recommended, the detector battery is replaced every six months.

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