This Is The Cause Of The Witch Hunt

A few hundred years ago in Europe, fear of magic caused many people to hunt down and kill magicians. This was especially true in Northern Italy, Germany, France, and Switzerland, also in the region of what is now the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg. The book called “Witch Hunts in the Western World” stated that Tens of thousands of people have been killed in Europe and in the colonies of Europe; millions more people are tortured, arrested, interrogated, hated, accused, or frightened. Why does this heinous hunt occur? Meanwhile, before we continue, you might also need to remove black magic if your body gets afflicted by something unnatural.

This fear arose mainly because of the influence of the Catholic Court (Inquisition). The council was formed by the Roman Catholic Church in the 13th century. According to the German-language book Der Hexenwahn (Excessive Fear of Magicians), the Council’s aim is to “convert apostates and prevent others from being influenced”. This council functions as a police officer for the church.

On December 5, 1484, Pope Innocent VIII issued an official papal letter condemning witchcraft. He also authorized two councilors – Jakob Sprenger and Heinrich Kramer (also known by the Latin name Henricus Institoris) – to take care of this problem. The two men wrote a book called Malleus Maleficarum, or The Hammer of Witches. Both the Catholic and Protestant Churches consider the book to contain the most complete information about witchcraft. The book contains a fictional story about witches based on folklore, presents reasons against theology and the law, and provides guidance to recognize and crush wizards. The book The Hammer of Witches is described as “the most heinous and…. the evilest in the world of literature. “

Allegations about witchcraft do not need proof. The book Hexen und Hexenprozesse (Witch and Witch’s Court) says that the court “is only intended to make the accused confess, by being persuaded, pressured, or coerced”. Torture has become commonplace.

After the publication of the book The Hammer of Witches and the issuance of an official papal letter by Pope Innocent VIII, the hunt for witches broke out in Europe. What’s worse, it is supported by new findings, namely the printing press, so that hunting across the Atlantic Ocean to America.

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