Tips For Storing Goods

You may often have trouble finding small items that you have placed on the table, or you may even suddenly find them in a cupboard. Lack of knowledge about how to store items neatly so that they are easy to find is a major problem. One solution to this is by storing items in the self storage hk or glass cabinet. So, when we are looking for the object, we can see it from the outside and do not need to disassemble all storage. Besides, there are some tips for storing goods neatly without reducing the aesthetic beauty in the house.

1. Fold
All that can be folded, fold it. Not only clothes but also gloves, socks, plastic, shopping bags, washcloths, etc.
The shape of the folds is square.

2. Place each item vertically
Both books, paper, and clothing, placed in a vertical position. Placing items in a vertical position not only maximize space but also makes it easier for us to see all the items there. It is better to avoid storing items by stacking them. Besides being difficult to take, piling up will also put a heavy burden on the items at the bottom.

3. Save in one spot
Store items with the same category in one spot. Do not separate. Put clothes, underwear, and other clothes in one closet. If you are married, each family member must have their spots. Do not be mixed because it will make you confused.

It is better to avoid the concept of placing goods in certain locations so that we can easily reach them when needed. Example: I used to put herbs and oil near the stove so that it was easy to reach when cooking. But every time you enter the kitchen it feels cramped, messy. Once I put everything in the drawer, it will be neat at once. After all, this method does not affect the time and cooking hassles.

4. Store in a box
Why does it have to be a box? Because this form is the most efficient. Try not to use circular containers. If we can afford good storage. But if not, using used boxes is no problem.

So that the items we store look spark joy, then don’t fill the storage box too full. Space is fully loaded, but still forces clothes to enter the box. As a result, clothes are pressed as much as possible so that there is no more air between the clothes. Use enough 90% of storage space. If the box is 90% filled but there are still items left, look for additional boxes.

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